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6 Teenage Inventors That Changed The World

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By Robert Evans,Mohammed Shariff Published: January 01st, 2012 It's frustrating being a teenager, unable to drive, or drink, or vote. It's like society doesn't trust you with anything. Well, in most cases, society is right: Give a k...

5 Insane Pop Culture Questions Answered by Super Fans

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By Josh Hrala Published: July 01st, 2014 Thinking too hard about pop culture is kind of what we do here -- far be it from us to mock someone for filling their head with minutiae about movies, songs, and comics. Still, sometimes we h...

6 Tricks I Learned as a Faith Healer (for Scamming You)

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By Robert Evans,Anonymous Published: September 01st, 2014 For some of us, religion is a reason to get up in the morning -- a balm in hard times, an inspiration during bouts of temptation. For others, the only time we encounter it is...

I'm Not Really Royalty: The World Of Nigerian Internet Scams

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By Robert Evans Published: May 01st, 2017

We Built Their Death Squads: ISIS's Bizarre Origin Story

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By Robert Evans,Anonymous Published: July 01st, 2015


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