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Math diagrams updated

I updated several of the math diagrams on this site today. They’re SVG now, so they resize nicely if you want to zoom in our out. Special functions Gamma function identities Topological vector spaces Category theory concepts General topology
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In functional analysis, it is common to endow various (infinite-dimensional) vector spaces with a variety of topologies. For instance, a normed vector space can be given the strong topology as well as the weak topology; if the vecto...

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The simplest definition of a tensor is that it is a multilinear functional, i.e. a function that takes several vectors, returns a number, and is linear in each argument. Tensors over real vector spaces return real numbers, tensors o...

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Here are a few diagrams I’ve created that summarize relationships in analysis and probability. Click on a thumbnail image to go to a page with the full image and explanatory text. Special functions Gamma and related functions Probab...

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This week’s resource post: some pages of notes on special functions: Diagram of relations between special functions Identities for gamma and related functions Relations between Bessel functions Bessel functions in SciPy Gamma and re...


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