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An Open Letter to the Birds on the Webcams, Re: Nesting Season

Tragically, McSweeney’s doesn’t have quite enough hard-core birders in the audience to appreciate this. But I thought you guys would!...
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Brown-headed Cowbirds evoke strong feelings in many birders, some of whom can’t abide a bird that lays its eggs in other birds’ nests, often to the detriment of the nest owners’ offspring. But there is much to like about cowbirds.  ...

Leave Nest Boxes Up

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Although nesting season is over for this year, birds will still appreciate you leaving up your nest box over winter. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology NestWatch newsletter in October, nest boxes can provide winter shelter ...

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When a birder sees a really, really, good bird and another birder doesn’t see the bird, the first birder will often “grip off” the other birder.  This is a process whereby the birder who failed to see the bird is reminded of having ...


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