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NASA protects its super heroes from space weather

It's not a bird or a plane but it might be a solar storm. We like to think of astronauts as our super heroes, but the reality is astronauts are not built like Superman who gains strength from the sun. In fact, much of the energy radiating from the sun is harmful to us mere mortals.
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Researchers use NASA and other data to look into the heart of a solar storm

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A space weather storm from the sun engulfed our planet on Jan. 21, 2005. The event got its start on Jan. 20, when a cloud of solar material, a coronal mass ejection or CME, burst off the sun and headed toward Earth. When it arrived ...

Waves on Sun give NASA new insight into space weather forecasting

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Our sun is a chaotic place, simmering with magnetic energy and constantly spewing out particles. Sometimes the sun releases solar flares and coronal mass ejections—huge eruptions of charged particles—which contribute to space weathe...

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(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A new model is mapping out the path of coronal mass ejections as they travel from the sun to Earth, where these storms can interact with our planet's magnetic fields and cause a variety of space we...

New space weather model helps simulate magnetic structure of solar storms

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The dynamic space environment that surrounds Earth - the space our astronauts and spacecraft travel through - can be rattled by huge solar eruptions from the sun, which spew giant clouds of magnetic energy and plasma, a hot gas of e...

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Our constantly-changing sun sometimes erupts with bursts of light, solar material, or ultra-fast energized particles—collectively, these events contribute to space weather. In a study published Jan. 30, 2017, in Space Weather, scien...


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