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Scientists Are Closer To Understanding The Wild Jets Of Matter Beaming Out Of Galactic Centres

If active galactic nuclei don't make you say "holy crap", what will? A lot of galaxies contain incredibly bright regions at their centre, spewing high-energy jets into the depths of space, brighter than the light the galaxy's stars can produce. More »      
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Scientists have discovered a hungry black hole swallowing a star at the centre of a nearby galaxy. The supermassive black hole was found to have faint jets of material shooting out from it and helps to confirm scientists' theories a...

Black hole jets pack a powerful punch

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High-speed 'jets' spat out by black holes pack a lot of power because they contain heavy atoms, astronomers have found. Black-hole jets recycle matter and energy into space and can affect when and where a galaxy forms stars. "Jets f...

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Before a new study, "astronomers found active galactic nuclei predominantly at the centers of the most massive galaxies, which are also the oldest and are making no new stars,” said James Aird, a postdoc at the University of Califor...

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Many galaxies contain enormous amounts of molecular gas in small areas near their nuclei. Highly condensed molecular gas is a birthplace of lots of stars. Moreover, it is considered to closely relate to activities of galactic nuclei...


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