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Central Coast scientist finds that California abalone are resilient despite climate change (audio and text)

A Central Coast scientist has found that large sea snails known as abalone are resilient despite the effect of climate change on the ocean. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo biologist Dr. Jennifer O’Leary took a closer look at ocean acidification, which is caused by climate change. This happens when carbon dioxide is absorbed by seawater […]
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Scientists, shellfish hatcheries see ocean acidification take huge toll on marine life (text and video)

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Scientists are growing increasingly alarmed over the harmful effects on sea life caused by changes in seawater blamed on the absorption of carbon dioxide into oceans, a process known as ocean acidification. Don Ford reports. Don For...

Calcifying algae maintain settlement cues to larval abalone following algal exposure to extreme ocean acidification

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Ocean acidification (OA) increasingly threatens marine systems, and is especially harmful to calcifying organisms. One important question is whether OA will alter species interactions. Crustose coralline algae (CCA) provide space an...

West Coast study suggests long term impacts of ocean acidification (audio and text)

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There’s a new study of the effects of ocean acidification on tiny shell-forming sea creatures in northern California. The findings suggest the ongoing buildup of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere could set up a destructive fe...

Sea butterfly’s shell dissolved by ocean acidification (audio)

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SALLY SARA: Antarctic scientists have found that ocean acidification is eating away the shells of a creature known as the sea butterfly. The butterflies are actually tiny snails and they’re an important source of food for other crea...

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A US study has found that ocean acidification in the Southern Ocean is increasingly creating conditions which make it hard for small sea snails known as pteropods to form their shells. Scientists have in the past found the sea creat...


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