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Birdchick Podcast #227 My Husband is Surprisingly Supportive

The plight of young conservationists seeking an actual job. Hawk + Snake + power lines = frowney face. Map of what people observing birds noticed during the solar eclipse. You should totally listen to the American Birding Association Podcast. Hurricane Harvey the Hawk updates.  
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  Listening to Joseph Scrimshaw’s Obsessed podcast, we got in an argument over whether I’m obsessed with birds or not. A crazy pants writes in to the Duluth newspaper advocating that protecting hawks is what has caused a decline in ...

Birdchick Podcast #117: ABA List Rules, Extremist Organizations

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Should the American Birding Association add Hawaii to its listing area? (um, yes) 12 year old Canadian boy (or should I say Canada Boy) enters the 100 millionth observation to eBird. Boy hit by bird on a roller coaster. Birding is F...

Birdchick Podcast #205 Necrophilia, Jobs and Jon Hamm

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News: Jon Hamm helps a hummer. Eurasian jay dodges a sparrow hawk Matrix style. Sand martin necrophilia. Bird Jobs: If you were unemployed for a few months, which job would you take: Tundra Nesting Bird Internship at Arctic National...

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Crazy Bird Jobs: Polish Bird Job   Klamath Intern Kittlitz’s Murrelet “job”   Top 10 Birding Taboos… Speaking of which, the American Birding Association has a whole new listing website called Listing Central! Man claims to have phot...

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Bird News: Cooper’s hawk crashes a Brewer’s game while trying to nail a pigeon.  Photos of the young hawk here. Angry Birds and BirdLife International team up. Watch wild birds instead of only playing Angry Birds! Olivia Bouler (who...


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