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Chromosome motor discovery supports DNA loop extrusion

It is one of the great mysteries in biology: How does a cell neatly distribute its replicated DNA between two daughter cells? For more than a century, we have known that DNA in the cell is comparable to a plate of spaghetti—a jumble of intermingled strands. When cells divide, they have to pack two metres of DNA into tidy little packages—chromosomes. This packing is induced by proteins called condensin, but scientists are split regarding the actual mechanism.
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A pair of genes work together as "master regulators" in cell division to keep the correct number of chromosomes in each daughter cell. Ipl1 and Mps1 work to hook and unhook chromosomes for proper DNA separation. The discovery could ...

How epithelial cell extrusion is regulated by cell density

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An international collaboration has revealed how epithelial cell extrusion is regulated by cell density. The study was published in the scientific journal Current Biology on 5 October 2016.

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