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Their enemy's sex pheromone helps flies protect their offspring

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

In nature, up to 80 percent of Drosophila larvae are parasitized by parasitic wasps. However, an innate warning system alerts female flies when wasps are near and increases the larvae's survival rate. Researchers identified the olfa...

Parasitic wasps vaccinate aphids by spreading anti-wasp bacteria

Academics / General Science : Not Exactly Rocket Science

A black bean aphid is about to have a rough day. It has been targeted by a parasitic wasp, which lays several eggs inside its body. When the eggs hatch, the wasp grubs will try to eat the aphid from the inside out. If they succeed, ...

Parasites inside your body could be protecting you from disease

Academics / Biology : Physorg: Biology

It's fair to say parasites are generally bad for their hosts. Many cause disease and death so, like most species, we humans usually try to avoid infection at all costs. But it turns out that some parasites, although potentially harm...

Man charged with helping friend move dismembered body

News / Crime : Crimesider

A Missouri man has been charged with moving the dismembered body of his friend's common-law wife stuffed inside a 55-gallon drum

Why More Parasite Diversity is Good News for Frogs

Academics / General Science : Discover: Seriously, Science

Flukes that parasitize amphibians The enemy of my enemy is my friend—especially if I’m a frog and my enemies are competing parasites. A recent study in PNAS found that frogs populations exposed to a more diverse set of flukes actual...


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