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Sinitic historical phonology

[Or, as David Prager Branner, who wrote the guest post below, jokingly calls it, "hysterical phrenology".  Note that Branner uses Gwoyeu Romatzyh ( "National Language Romanization"), a type of tonal spelling, for the transcription of Mandarin.] ================ This is on the subject of Carbo Kuo's ??? performance of Shyjing "Shyi yeou charngchuu ????" ("In the […]
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Transcriptional and hybrid words in Mandarin

Academics / Linguistics : Language Log

Like all languages, Mandarin and other Sinitic tongues have borrowed and coined words throughout their history.  But it would seem that the pace and nature of the current changes in Chinese usage are of such extraordinary amplitude ...

Machine translation of Literary Sinitic

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Here on Language Log, we've often talked about the great difference between Modern Standard Mandarin (MSM) and the various other Sinitic languages (e.g., Cantonese, Taiwanese, Shanghainese, etc.).  The gap between Classical Chinese ...

More on tonal variation in Sinitic

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In a number of posts, we have discussed departure from stipulated tonal configurations in speech, e.g.: "Dissimilation, stress, sandhi, and other tonal variations in Mandarin " "When intonation overrides tone" "Where did Chinese ton...

Pulled noodles: Uyghur läghmän and Mandarin l?miàn

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Some notes on the origins of the words and characters for wheat, flour, and noodles in Turkic and Sinitic languages On the Xinjiang Studies list, a number of questions about noodles and the words for them in Sinitic and other langua...

The uses of Hanyu pinyin

Academics / Linguistics : Language Log

Hàny? p?ny?n ???? ("Sinitic Spelling") is the official romanization of the PRC.  It also comes with an official orthography which provides guidelines for word separation, punctuation, and how to deal with grammatical constructions. ...


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