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Use, Mention, and Identity

Ed plausibly maintains that the following argument is invalid: Hesperus is so-called because it appears in the evening Hesperus = Phosphorus -------------- Phosphorus is so-called because it appears in the evening. But then he asks: if the above is invalid...
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Logical Form, Instantiation, and Pattern-Matching

Academics / Philosophy : Maverick Philosopher

David Brightly comments: We can't say that an argument is invalid because it instantiates an invalid form. The argument Socrates is a man; all men are mortal; ergo Socrates is mortal instantiates the invalid form a is F; all Hs...

Syntactic Versus Semantic Validity

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Consider the argument: Bill is a brother ----- Bill is a sibling. Is this little argument valid or invalid? It depends on what we mean by 'valid.' Intuitively, the argument is valid in the following generic sense: D1. An argument...

Electronics: Protection for transistors

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The performance of transistors made of black phosphorus can be maintained with the addition of tellurium.Layers of black phosphorus just a few molecules thick show great promise in advanced electronic devices. But exposure to oxygen...

The Stromboli Puzzle

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Here is another puzzle London Ed may enjoy. Is the following argument valid or invalid: An island volcano exists. Stromboli is an island volcano. Ergo Stromboli exists. The argument appears valid, does it not? But it can't be valid ...

Belief, Designation, and Substitution

Academics / Philosophy : Maverick Philosopher

Suppose it is true that Sam believes that Hesperus is a planet. One cannot substitute 'Phosphorus' for 'Hesperus' in 'Sam believes that Hesperus is a planet' and be assured that the resulting sentence is also true. And this despite ...


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