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New York City, September 10, 2017

????? A chill clung to clothes worn in from outside in the early morning. The trick was to be out of the warm and blinding sun but also out of the cold breeze, so that everything hung in balance. The shin of a metallic Michael Jordan logo flashed from the front of a cap. A […]
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New York City, February 28, 2016

Society & Culture : The Awl

???? The playground was not as overrun with children as it might have been, but the sun succeeded at warming the places where it fell. Back out on Broadway, the breeze had a chill to it. The doors of the hot dog place were closed ag...

New York City, September 29, 2015

Society & Culture : The Awl

?? A layer of visible grime clung to the living room window. The soggy air felt like putting on yesterday’s clothes. Sun coexisted with a thick brown darkness upriver, beyond where a white boat gleamed on the flat water. Which inter...

New York City, November 2, 2015

Society & Culture : The Awl

?? A whitened November sun rose over a morning whose chill was too weak for a zipped-up hoodie. Stubborn brown clung to the northwestern horizon. Workers were out with lifts, putting lights into the trees on Broadway. The day grew d...

New York City, October 14, 2013

Society & Culture : The Awl

by Tom Scocca ???? The children had half-raised the blinds, letting in the copious morning light. The high clouds were a fluctuating filter. There was a little haze, a little breeze. The sun was warm enough to gently cook the abando...

New York City, March 24, 2016

Society & Culture : The Awl

??? The four-year-old in his heavy pajamas radiated heat and slumber, but outside was a cold breeze. Everything gleamed. People who’d dressed overconfidently walked with their arms folded against the chill. All day, stepping out the...


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