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Asking the Wrong Questions about Aging and Disease

Age-related diseases began as a matter of taxonomy. Presented with the immensely complex, mysterious, varied, and inscrutable happenings at the end of life, the first scientists, before science was even much defined, began by trying to categorize their observations. Categorization is the first step towards making sense out of the unknown. Some forms of decline are obviously similar.
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Scientists have discovered that they can dramatically increase the life span of mice with progeria (premature aging disease) and heart disease (caused by Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy) by reducing levels of a protein called SUN1...

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There is a school of thought that declares the average pace of degenerative aging as "normal" and states that any faster degenerations should be broken out and called "disease." This is somewhat manageable at the level of taxonomy, ...


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