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Splashdown! Crashing into martian mud

An impactor smashing into an ice-rich surface gave rise to the complex flow features around this ancient crater on Mars.
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Image of the Day: "Mars Ripped!" --A Multiple Impact Crater 78 Kilometers Long

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ESA’s Mars Express continues to provide new views of the martian surface, as in this image of a strikingly elongated crater in the southern hemisphere, south of Huygens crater. (Martian north is to the right in this image.) The crat...

Ancient Mars impacts created tornado-like winds that scoured surface

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(Brown University) Plumes of vapor generated by ancient impacts on Mars created tornado-like winds possibly swirling at more than 500 miles per hour, which explain mysterious streaks seen near large impact craters on the Martian sur...

Odd Martian crater type made by impacts into ancient ice

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Geologists from Brown University have developed a promising new explanation for a mysterious type of crater on the surface on Mars. read more

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Evidence of ancient water at a Martian crater is the latest in a long series of discoveries by a surprisingly long-lived Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. The latest discovery was made at the rim of the Endeavour Crater, a large a...

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Ridges in impact craters on Mars appear to be fossils of cracks in the Martian surface, formed by minerals deposited by flowing water. Water flowing beneath the surface suggests life may once have been possible on Mars. Networks of ...


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