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If you can't say something nice…

This is a guest post by Kirby Conrod. I'm sorry to see that the venerable Geoff Pullum is so desperately behind the times. I don't mean to be snarky, I genuinely am sad about it. It's not just a matter of being un-hip to the cool new language change in progress (singular "they" is making […]
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The N-word Yet Again

Academics / Linguistics : Language Log

The following is a guest post by Tony Thorne of King's College London, originally appearing on his blog. It provides an alternative view to that expressed by Geoff Pullum in his post, "Tory uses N-word… not." On July 10 Samir Dathi ...


Academics / Linguistics : Language Hat

A few days ago, Geoff Pullum had a post in Lingua Franca in which he quoted a wonderful passage by Herbert Feigl:The attempt to know, to grasp an order, to adjust ourselves to the world in which we are embedded, is just as genuine a...

Response to Pullum on slurs

Academics / Linguistics : Language Log

This is a guest post by Robert Henderson, Peter Klecha, and Eric McCready in response to Geoff Pullum's post of July 10. My only role was offering in advance to post a reply if the authors would like me to. I'm a good friend of Geof...

Seidenberg on Singer and Nim

Academics / Linguistics : Language Log

This is a guest post by Mark Seidenberg, following up on Geoff Pullum's post "Nim: the unproject", 8/16/2011. Nim Chimpsky and I met when I was a graduate student at Columbia. “Project Nim” is an excellent documentary, a deeply sad ...

It begins.

Academics / Linguistics : Language Log

Geoff Pullum to me: What the hell is going on with all the years except 1920 being labeled "11 PM"? [link] Me to Geoff Pullum: You mean on the x axis? I'm not seeing it — must be a special feature for Scottish readers. Geoff Pullum ...


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