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Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Sister Toldjah Edition

US Politics / Liberal : Crooks and Liars

enlarge FACT. Sister Toldjah is a bigoted wingnut who doesn't know what "nationalize" means. FACT. The number of gay conservatives is much smaller than the number of people who saw "Atlas Shrugs" in theaters. But. I do love the idea...

Wingnuts Outraged Juggalos And Fox News Classified As Hate Groups, Except They Weren’t

US Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

When you are a wingnut, you know several things about life: Nobummer is a Muslin; you are NOT EITHER racist; and mean liberals call you a dumb bigot, just because you’re a dumb bigot. They REALLY hate it when the Southern Poverty La...

Wingnut Birthers Prove Hillary Clinton’s Even More Secret Gay Muslim Than Obama

US Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Oh, this again some more? Sure, because it never gets old! Wingnut birther Jerome Corsi and other wingnut birther and conspiracy theory generalist-at-large Alex Jones were having themselves a little girl talk, on the interweb, as th...

Bakery Finally Pays Bigot Fine For Not Making Cake for Gay Couple

US Politics / Liberal : Alan Colmes' Liberaland

The Oregon couple have finally paid the damages. Aaron Klein, a co-owner of the Portland-based bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa, paid $136,000 on Monday, after a two-year battle over the issue. He and his staff had refused to make a we...

Wingnut welfare, or when bigotry pays

US Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Those must be gay flowers If there is one thing wingnuts are good at, it's the grift. Now that includes raising ridiculous amounts of money off of being "religious" bigots. First it was the wedding pizza in Indiana, and now flowers ...


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