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Mysterious black hole discovered at the dawn of the universe

Technology / Gadgets : Gizmag

At a distance of about 13 billion lightyears, the most distant supermassive black hole known so far has been spotted by an international team of astronomers. That incredible distance means the object dates back to the time when the ...

Scientists observe supermassive black hole in infant universe

Academics / Astronomy : Physorg: Astronomy

A team of astronomers, including two from MIT, has detected the most distant supermassive black hole ever observed. The black hole sits in the center of an ultrabright quasar, the light of which was emitted just 690 million years af...

Scientists glimpse most distant supermassive black hole in the known universe

Lifestyle / Green Living : Inhabitat

A team of scientists has discovered the known universe's most distant supermassive black hole. The black hole is so far from Earth, it has taken over 13 billion years for light from the object to reach our planet. Given the universe...

The oldest, most distant supermassive black hole ever seen has been discovered by scientists

Technology : USAToday: Tech

The most distant and oldest supermassive black hole ever seen has been discovered, astronomers announced in a study published Wednesday.        

"We're Re-thinking the Evolution of the Universe" --13-Billion-Year Voyage of the Light from Oldest Most Massive Known Black Hole

Academics / Astronomy : The Daily Galaxy

Astronomers have discovered the most distant quasar known, which is so far from us that its light has taken more than 13 billion years to reach us. We see this quasar as it was a mere 690 million years after...        


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