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This duck-like dinosaur with killer claws ran, swam and tore prey to shreds

The fossil of a new, 75-million-year-old species has been discovered in Mongolia.        
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Hold on, the 'duck-dinosaur' is real? Science says yes.

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So long science fiction, and hello real science! Scientists have discovered a 75-million-year-old fossil resembling the 'duck-dinosaur.' The creature had "killer claws" that could tear prey to shreds.        

Newly discovered dinosaur implies greater prevalence of feathers; Megalosaur fossil represents first feathered dinosaur not closely related to birds

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A new species of feathered dinosaur discovered in southern Germany is further changing the perception of how predatory dinosaurs looked. The fossil of Sciurumimus albersdoerferi, which lived about 150 million years ago, provides the...

Smuggled fossil 'very weird' new species of amphibious dinosaur, say experts

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Halszkaraptor escuilliei is thought to have lived around 71-75m years ago and had a swan-like neck, razor-sharp “killer claws” and a duck-billed snout An unusual set of fossilised remains illegally poached from Mongolia belonged to ...

Newly Found Dinosaur Survived 'Horrific' Extinction

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A newly discovered dinosaur that chased its prey around modern-day Venezuela may help us understand how species survived a mass-extinction event about 200 million years ago, reports. Based on two leg-bone fossils, paleontol...

Birch mouse ancestor discovered in Inner Mongolia is new species of rare 'living fossil'

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Fossils from Inner Mongolia are a new species of birch mice, Sicista primus. This significantly extends the geologic history of the rodent family that includes jumping mice. The teeth from sediments 17 million years old distinguish ...


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