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What are the differences between insuring a car and insuring a truck?

Vehicles / Cars :

When you are insuring a car, you will usually be paying a lower premium for your coverage. Some extremely expensive vehicles may end up being as expensive as insuring a truck though. Insuring a truck is more expensive because they …...

Will having kids affect my car insurance payments?

Vehicles / Cars :

It can. Some insurers lower the premium because people on average become better drivers when they are parents. In addition, parents have a tendency to purchase family cars that are typically safer. This can lead to a lower car payme...

How can I lower my car insurance premiums?

Vehicles / Cars :

Some obvious and not so obvious way to lower or to obtain discounts on your car insurance premium include: Good student- 10% to 20% discount Take a safe driving course- 5% discount Drive an older car- Save up to 30% … Read More

How to lower my teen's car insurance premiums

Vehicles / Automotive Industry News : Autoblog

Congratulations! You've raised your child almost to adulthood and he's just gotten his driver's license. Continue reading How to lower my teen's car insurance premiums How to lower my teen's car insurance premiums originally appeare...

What factors determine your car insurance premium?

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The insurance premium is a measure of risk. The insurance company takes in a variety of factors and determines how risky it is to insure you. The lower the risk the lower the premium and vice versa. What factors the … Read More


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