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News Post: Weaponized

Tycho: As is firmly established, I really, really like it when reviews for a game do not generate consensus. It can mean a few different things: for example, it might be a bad game game whose fetishists tolerate (or even laud) its worst tendencies. I’m certainly guilty of this; that fact that I don’t “see art” means that there’s an entire band of data I don’t perceive and it leads to tension between myself and my friend Glob.
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Tycho: “Dating Tips For Geeks” is some intolerable new genre, malformed and asinine; there are no good examples of the genre. Well, there are good examples of how bad it is. I thank the black hole where a God would be EVERY DAY that...

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Tycho: League of Legends is still a thing, that rare creature whose appeal slices through so many distinct strata that it can build consensus even in our fractious crew. We’ve played against bots for ages, which is like riding a bik...

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Tycho: Brenna’s leg has decided that it no longer wants to be a leg, rather, it wants to merely ride around attached to her body while generating infinite pain. This means that the only games I’ve been able to play are Club Penguin,...

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Tycho: I feel like we’ve established an immutable truth here. The only distinction between instances of this are how long it takes for you to realize that what came out is bad. For example, some kind of resplendent elven-type mother...

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Tycho: A comic which embroiders universal themes. I see a bunch of Thief reviews out there now, so it must be okay to talk about it. Dishonored was a game designed explicitly to flatter the Thief fetishist, so it’s not surprising th...


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