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Good Mood – Bad Mood? Blame the Bacteria You Eat

Mental Health / Depression : Psychology Today Depression Center

The bacteria in our gut—one’s so–called microbiome—play a huge role in shaping our emotions. The brain in our head is in constant contact with the one in our guts.

Why vertebrate intestines are so predictably loopy: Gut coils with help from its elastic neighbor

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

Between conception and birth, the human gut grows more than two meters long, looping and coiling within the tiny abdomen. Within a given species, the developing vertebrate gut always loops into the same formation -- however, until n...

Study Shows Association Between Gut Microbes and Brain Structure in People with IBS

Health : Newswise Medical News

Research shows for the first time an association between the gut microbiota and the brain regions involved in the processing of sensory information from their bodies. Also, the researchers gained insight into the connections among c...

Researchers Find Gut Bacteria Can Trigger Brain Lesions That Lead to Strokes

Academics / General Science : ScienceAlert

Another connection between the gut and the brain.

Air travel and climate: What is the link?

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

What impact does a warming planet have on air travel and how might that, in turn, affect the rate of warming itself? A new study has found a connection between climate and airline flight times, suggesting a feedback loop could exist...


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