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Scientific Expert: Horseshoe Crabs Threatened With Extinction

Lifestyle / Green Living : Huffington Post: Green Blog

A world expert on horseshoe crabs is worried about their extinction after 455 million years of life on Earth--largely because of the crab having become a delicacy in nations in Asia. Dr. John T. Tanacredi first became familiar with ...

Questionable: Fossil Found 'That Looks Like Darth Vader'

Humor / odd : Geekologie

Because nobody would care about a 245-million year fossil of an extinct horseshoe crab otherwise (and I'm still struggling to), the paleontologists who found this particular specimen are claiming it looks like Darth Vader's mask. Ye...

Scientists Find a 245-Million-Year-Old Horseshoe Crab Fossil That Resembles Darth Vader

Humor / odd : mental_floss

They named it Vaderlimulus tricki.

Scientists Baffled as Hundreds of Dead Horseshoe Crabs Wash Ashore in Japan

Genres / Sci Fi : io9

Horseshoe crabs are known as “living fossils” and for good reason. The blue-blooded, side-walking arthropods have been around for 200 million years, surviving the last five mass extinctions. But something appears to be wrong as hund...

Horseshoe Crab Fossil named after Darth Vader

Academics / Biology : Greg Laden's Blog

This is fun. From the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, the press release for a recent fossil naming: A 245 million-year-old fossil horseshoe crab recently discovered in Idaho has been named Vaderlimulus because the ...


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