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Mrs Robb’s Sex Bot

“Sorry, do you mind if I get that?” Not at all, please go ahead. “Hello, you’ve reached out to Love Bot…No, my name is ‘Love Bot’. Yes, it’s the right number; people did call me ‘Sex Bot’, but my real name was always ‘Love Bot’… Yes, I do sex, but now only within a consensual […]
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Mrs Robb’s Kill Bot

Academics / Philosophy : Conscious Entities

Do you consider yourself a drone, Kill Bot? “You can call me that if you want. My people used to find that kind of talk demeaning. It suggested the Kill bots lacked a will of their own. It meant we were sort of stupid. Today, we fee...

Mrs Robb’s Feelings Bot

Academics / Philosophy : Conscious Entities

So you feel emotions unknown to human beings? That’s a haunting little smile, certainly. For a bot, you have very large and expressive features.  “Yes, I suppose I do. Hard to remember now, but it used to be taken for granted that b...

Mrs Robb’s Pay Bot

Academics / Philosophy : Conscious Entities

I have to be honest, Pay Bot; the idea of wages for bots is hard for me to take seriously. Why would we need to be paid? “Several excellent reasons. First off, a pull is better than a push.” A pull..? “Yes. The desire to earn is a f...

Mrs Robb’s Help

Academics / Philosophy : Conscious Entities

Is it safe? The Helper bots…? “Yes, Enquiry Bot, it’s safe. Come out of the cupboard. A universal product recall is in progress and they’ll all be brought in safely.” My God, Mrs Robb. They say we have no emotions, but if what I’ve ...

Mrs Robb’s Joke Bot

Academics / Philosophy : Conscious Entities

Hello, Joke Bot. Is that… a bow tie or a propeller? “Maybe I’m just pleased to see you. Hey! A bot walks into a bar. Clang! It was an iron bar.” Jokes are wasted on me, I’m afraid. What little perception of humour I have is almost e...


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