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Comedians Talking Bigfoot: Ep2 – Billy Willard and Thom Tran

Society & Culture / Paranormal : Cryptomundo

This episode features comedian/Host David Race, co-host Jeremy Evans, and their Cryptozoologist turned comedian guest, Thom Tran. On the episode they examine incredible audio of a purported Bigfoot TALKING. They also speak with the ...

The Bosak Encounter: Terrestrial, Cryptoterrestrial or Alternative Being?

Society & Culture / Paranormal : Phantoms and Monsters

The Bosak encounter may be the only case where some Bigfoot researchers and cryptozoologists will take into consideration an alien / Bigfoot connection. There used to be a time when mentioning the possibility of a connection was bla...

Cryptozoologist Launches Kickstarter

Society & Culture / Paranormal : Cryptomundo

Bigfoot, dog men, the Tasmanian Tiger, and the Loch Ness Monster—real or not, a new feature-length documentary film “Cryptozoologist” will tell the stories of the passionate researchers searching for the truth. “Cryptozoologist” giv...

Hunting the Ghostly Bigfoot

Society & Culture / Paranormal :

Bigfoot is a creature of legend human hunters and cryptozoologists have sought for a number of years with little success. And even as Bigfoot theories and witness accounts are on the rise, the actual capture of the creature is somet...

The Bigfoot Paradox 2: What Do They Already Know?

Society & Culture / Paranormal : Phantoms and Monsters

Ufologist and Cryptozoologist Nick Redfern recently published an extraordinary anecdote that described a friends encounter with a supposed Bigfoot creature near Tao, New Mexico. The encounter with the Bigfoot was unusual in itself b...


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