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DeepMind AI needs mere 4 hours of self-training to become a chess overlord

AlphaGo Zero needed three days to train up in Go; AlphaZero needed just eight hours.
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Playing 100 matches against the reigning computer champion, Google's Alphazero came out on top.

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DeepMind redesigned AlphaGo so that it has no need to learn how to play the Go game from human experience. Instead, the new AlphaGo Zero could learn Go from scratch on its own, eventually beating the old version 100-0.

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DeepMind, a division of Google that’s focused on advancing artificial intelligence research, unveiled a new version of its AlphaGo program today that learned the game solely by playing itself. Called AlphaGo Zero, the system works b...

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Google-owned DeepMind put out a new paper that outlines how the team took the machine learning system that created AlphaGo and built a new system that tackled chess and shogi, beating the top programs at each game. The program, call...

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AlphaGo Zero, Google DeepMind's artificially intelligent Go player, dominates humans and other AIs by learning itself – without any human training


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