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Medical News Today: Could our body clock help to prevent cancer?

Researchers reveal how a newly discovered role for our biological clock, or circadian rhythm, may help to prevent or treat cancer.
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Study Helps Understand How Alcohol Consumption Disrupts Circadian Rhythm In Humans

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Chronic alcohol consumption blunts the biological clock's ability to synchronize daily activities to light, disrupts natural activity patterns and continues to affect the body's clock (circadian rhythm), even days after the drinking...

Circadian clock gene rhythms in brain altered in depression, UC Irvine Health study finds

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UC Irvine Health researchers have helped discover that genes controlling circadian clock rhythms are profoundly altered in the brains of people with severe depression. These clock genes regulate 24-hour circadian rhythms affecting h...

Body clock and its biological impact: Fruit fly research to provide new insight

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How animals keep time through their internal circadian rhythms could help us understand why we sleep and how we cope with jet lag. Using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as an experimental model, researchers have discovered tha...

Small molecules change biological clock rhythm

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Our biological clock regulates various daily rhythms, such as sleep/wake rhythm, body temperature, and metabolism. Disruption of the circadian rhythm may lead to sleep disorders, cancer and other diseases. Chemists and biologists ha...

Scientists discover a protein that silences the biological clock

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A new study has found that a protein associated with cancer cells is a powerful suppressor of the biological clock that drives the daily ('circadian') rhythms of cells throughout the body. The discovery adds to a growing body of evi...


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