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Party That Won’t Tax Millionaires Proposes Slashing Unemployment Benefits In Deal For Middle Class Tax Cut

US Politics / Liberal : ThinkProgress: Justice

Republicans, while claiming to support a payroll tax cut extension that will primarily benefit the middle class, have cycled through a list of reasons to oppose proposals from Senate Democrats. The GOP refuses to pay for the cut wit...

Republicans’ ‘middle class tax cut’ overwhelmingly benefits the richest

US Politics / Liberal : Matthew Yglesias

House Republicans have finally unveiled their tax reform plan and overhaul of the federal tax code. “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” is being promoted by the GOP as huge tax cut to the middle class, a point which many economists and tax ...

Scott Walker's budget to raise taxes on poor, middle class and students

US Politics / Liberal :

There's nothing quite like asking students, the middle class and the poor to fund tax cuts for business. Didn't this guy promise not to raise taxes? More from ThinkProgress: Low and middle income people would lose tax credits worth ...

Wisconsin’s GOP Governor Proposes ‘Middle Class Tax Cut’ That Primarily Benefits The Rich

US Politics / Liberal : ThinkProgress: Justice

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) last week unveiled a supposedly “middle class tax cut.” “”Our middle class tax cut is a down payment on my goal of reducing the tax burden in our state every year I’m in office. I want to cut taxes ov...

GOP to make rich tax cuts permanent, while doing away with tax cuts for middle class and poor

US Politics / Liberal :

From the NYT. Classic. Senate Republicans will press this week to extend tax cuts for affluent families scheduled to expire Jan. 1, but the same Republican tax plan would allow a series of tax cuts for the working poor and the middl...


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