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Are molecules right-handed or left-handed? Properties of chiral molecules at the attosecond level

You can get a good idea of chirality by putting a right-handed glove on your left hand—two identical shapes that cannot be superimposed because they are mirror images of each other. This property is common in our universe, from the smallest particles to huge galaxies.
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First detection of a chiral molecule in space

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A new study reports the first detection of chiral molecules in space, paving the way to understanding why chirality is "biased" on Earth. Our planet is home to a puzzle involving chiral molecules, those that, despite being mirror im...

Snapshots differentiate molecules from their mirror image

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Researchers are able to reveal the spatial structure of chiral molecules from work done to develop a method that takes a snapshot of chiral molecules, revealing their spatial atomic structure. The molecule's handedness, or chirality...

Life's first handshake: Chiral molecule detected in interstellar space

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Like a pair of human hands, certain organic molecules have mirror-image versions of themselves, a chemical property known as chirality. These so-called "handed" molecules are essential for biology and have intriguingly been found in...

Synthesis of complex molecules displaying potential biological and catalytic activity

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Nagoya, Japan - Chiral molecules possess asymmetry; like left and right hands, their mirror images cannot be superposed. Molecules with identical chemical makeup but different chirality can display different activity. Therefore, chi...

Ultrathin, flat lens resolves chirality and color

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Many things in the natural world are geometrically chiral, meaning they cannot be superimposed onto their mirror image. Think hands -- right and left hands are mirror images but if you transplanted a right hand onto a left, you'd be...


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