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The Sinful Drivers of the Western Addition: Always on a Sunday, a Sunday, a Sunday, ‘Cause that’s My Day to Park

TweetChuck Manson wouldn’t have double-parked like this, ’cause SFGov would have taken away his car tout de suite: But somehow, unwritten but longstanding SFMTA policy gives these Christians a pass… (Oh, and Saturdays too – it’s your option. Hey, why not the whole weekend?)
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How to Ask Our SFMTA to Not Give a Ticket for Excess Parking? – ONE SIMPLY TRICK! – Use an Orange Traffic Cone

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TweetI’ve seen this all over town: Does it work? IDK. But the owner of this car is telling/asking PCOs to not get ticketed, either due to being an SFMTA employee, or some other SFGov employee or being a minimum wage contractor hired...

If You Work for SFGov, You Can Illegally Park Your Car for Free, Sometimes

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TweetOr make a habit of it and do it every day, why not? Our SFMTA isn’t in the habit of ticketing/towing certain cars in certain areas. Just put your Rec and Park jacket on the dash – that’s the ticket, or rather, it’s the way to n...

San Francisco’s 11th Commandment: Christians Shalt Not Obey Parking Rules on Sundays

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TweetThusly:  Click to expand You know, back in the day, SFGov freely violated the 14th Amendment until it got slapped down. These days, SFGov violates the 1st Amendment with its Christians Park Free rule. When will SFGov get slappe...

SFMTA Meter Maids Refuse to Ticket Car Parked Illegally on the Sidewalk of Hayes Because of an Unwritten Rule

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TweetAnd that rule is that Parking Control Officers won’t give you a ticket for parking on a sidewalk so long as its street sweeping time, so, you know, the SFMTA is “making money” well enough already, thank you very much. Oh well.

What This, Church Goers Regularly Illegally Double-Park ALL DAY LONG on Bush Street, with the Blessing of the SFMTA and SFGov?

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TweetThis is where this ride was parked on the left side of Bush in the Western Addition on a Saturday morning, around brunch time: And here it is, after being moved forward a couple car lengths, on the same day, around dinner time ...


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