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New York City, December 6, 2017

???? The gray was just a little stonier than the gray of the previous morning, but the air was completely different. Cold wind spun the leaves in tight circles or sent them high into the sky. The wind pushed back against the effort to walk westward, then shoved the body through its turn around a […]
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New York City, December 14, 2014

Society & Culture : The Awl

??? The morning sky was all gray clouds with soft ridges. By lunchtime, some of the ridges downriver and in the west had become channels of light blue. The air was humid and mild. Insisting on the heavy coats for the children seemed...

New York City, November 30, 2017

Society & Culture : The Awl

?? Morning was ordinary, dark and grim. Wind nudged the leaves around without really sending them anywhere. The light and dark blotches on the gray gradually developed into blue and white, if only for a while. The night air was too ...

New York City, September 12, 2013

Society & Culture : The Awl

by Tom Scocca ?? Everything was muffled or tempered: the light, the heat, the blue of the sky. The heavy air was no longer crushing. Wind pushed a little this way and that. Midday brought dark gray with orange behind it, shreds of c...

New York City, December 8, 2013

Society & Culture : The Awl

by Tom Scocca ??? Exemplary seasonal grimness. The morning sky was heavy gray with clear air below, too cold to hold any aroma from the Christmas trees bundled for sale on the sidewalk. Inside the Park gate, a bank of plants was dun...

New York City, December 2, 2014

Society & Culture : The Awl

? Scraps of color hung in the morning sky, then were replaced with a well art-directed assortment of grays. The wind was seething. Rain fell, lightly enough to be tolerable. Little droplets floated against the black paint of the fir...


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