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book spotlight: the work of art by alison gerber

The Work of Art is a new book by Alison Gerber, a sociologist who studies the sociology of culture. The book is a great exploration of how artists manage the self. This is an important issues because artists are pulled in different directions. Sometimes, artists are supposed to by guided by aesthetic values, at other […]
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book spotlight: climbing the charts by gabriel rossman

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We are clearly living in a golden age of sociology of culture. We have the works of Richard Petersen. We have the works of Jenn Lena, whose book we discussed in detail last Spring. Now, we have Climbing the Charts is a new book by g...

Pro-Social Peer Pressure

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Sociologists love groups and are fascinated by social organization and collective action. Indeed, some define sociology as the study of things we do together. Yet, in a culture that celebrates individualism, the power and importance...

book spotlight: the end game – how inequality shapes our final years by corey abramson

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You don’t see a lot of books linking cultural sociology and gerontology. An ethnographic study of elderly people in four neighbrohoods, The End Game is a study of the coping strategies that people use and how those are related to ra...

what’s the role of art in a social scientist’s life?

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What’s the role of art in a social scientist’s life? Well, we study it right? We write books and articles (really great books and articles, by the way) within the sociology of culture, looking at how novels develop, how fashion work...

challenge for cultural sociologists who are interested in political sociology

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Are you a cultural sociologist who needs a dissertation idea? Here’s one emerging from our discussion of movements and “mainstream culture”: A big issue in cultural sociology is boundary work – the effort people expend in sorting pe...


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