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Behemoth the Size of 800 Million Suns--"Discovery a Clue to How Black Holes Grew So Big So Fast In the Early Universe"

Astronomers have profound questions about the first billion years of the universe: what burned off the fog of the cosmic dark ages? Was it the formation of stars or supermassive black holes, or both? And how did those black holes...        
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How big is a supermassive black hole?

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How Big Is A Supermassive Black Hole? Lurking at the center of the Milky Way galaxy is the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A, a monstrous clump of matter so dense that the pull of its gravity overpowers anything that comes near ...

Gargantua in the mist: A precocious black hole behemoth at the edge of cosmic dawn

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(Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA)) To understand when supermassive black holes first appeared, astronomers scan the skies for actively-feeding black holes (known as 'quasars') from the Universe's distant ...

A middleweight black hole is hiding at the center of a giant star cluster

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All known black holes fall into two categories: small, stellar-mass black holes weighing a few Suns, and supermassive black holes weighing millions or billions of Suns. Astronomers expect that intermediate-mass black holes weighing ...

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New research seems to suggest that mysterious fast radio bursts might be stars made of dark matter crashing into black holes, according to Aiichi Iwazaki, an astronomer at Nishogakusha University in Tokyo, who subscribes to the theo...

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The appearance of supermassive black holes at the dawn of the universe has puzzled astronomers since their discovery more than a decade ago. A supermassive black hole is thought to form over billions of years, but more than two doze...


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