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Today's Top Science Headline: Gravity Haunts the Standard Model of the Universe --"Current Theory For Everything"

Twenty-five particles and four forces. That description — the Standard Model of particle physics — constitutes physicists’ best current explanation for everything. It’s neat and it’s simple, but no one is entirely happy with it. What irritates physicists most is...        
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No one knows for sure, but it is not at all unlikely that the universe is constructed in a very different way than the theories and models of today predict. The most widely used model today cannot explain everything in...

Discovery of a Magnetic Field Spanning the Universe --"Solves Mystery of the Missing Antimatter" (Today's Most Popular)

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"Both the planet we live on and the star we orbit are made up of 'normal' matter," said Tanmay Vachaspati a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University working at the intersections of particle physics, astrophysics, general re...

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"It is quite surprising that gravity can play any role in quantum mechanics", says Igor Pikovski, a theoretical physicist working at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics:"Gravity is usually studied on astronomical scales,...

Scientists look to next decades in US particle physics

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From the output of a meeting that started today, US particle physicists will chart a path to answering some of science’s most intriguing questions. Today, more than 600 particle physicists from nearly 100 universities and laboratori...

Today's Top Science Headline: "Breathtaking!" --Revamped Collider Hunts for New Phenomena Beyond the Standard Model of Physics

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The quest to explore the frontiers of physics will heat up next month in Japan, when beams of high-energy electrons are set to start smashing into their antimatter counterparts at one of the world’s premier accelerator laboratories....


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