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First Total Synthesis of Ceanothine D

Proposed structure of a cyclopeptide alkaloid found in red root synthesized
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Pitt chemists reveal novel biocatalysts for bioactive alkaloid synthesis

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(University of Pittsburgh) Alkaloids are natural nitrogen-containing compounds produced by plants and microbes. These molecules, such as morphine and quinine, are important human medicines. Alkaloids are typically polycyclic in natu...

New insights into how the most iconic reaction in organic chemistry really works

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In 1928, chemists Otto Diels and Kurt Alder first documented diene synthesis, a chemical reaction important for synthesizing many polymers, alkaloids and steroids. Their work on this mechanism, which came to be known as the Diels–Al...

First total synthesis of madangamine D, a molecule of biomedical interest

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Madangamines are a group of polycyclic alkaloids from marine sponges which have biomedical interest due to their cytotoxic activity. Chemists have now completed the first total synthesis of madangamine D, a scientific discovery in t...

Total synthesis of flueggenine C via an accelerated intermolecular Rauhut-Currier reaction

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The first total synthesis of dimeric securinega alkaloid (-)-flueggenine C was completed via an accelerated intermolecular Rauhut-Currier (RC) reaction. The research team led by Professor Sunkyu Han in the Department of Chemistry su...

Microwave-assisted iodine-catalyzed rapid synthesis of 6H-indolo[2,3-b]quinolines

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(Bentham Science Publishers) Indoloquinoline alkaloids are of great importance due to their unique structure and various biological activities. Several methods have been developed to synthesize indoloquinolines and among those, one-...


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