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Holographic Universe: Discovery Could Herald New Era In Fundamental Physics

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

Scientists searching the depths of space to study gravitational wave may have stumbled on one of the most important discoveries in physics. At least one physicist is convinced that he has found proof in the data of the gravitational...

Quantum mechanics not in jeopardy: Physicists confirm a decades-old key principle experimentally

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

When waves -- regardless of whether light or sound -- collide, they overlap creating interferences. Austrian and Canadian quantum physicists have now been able to rule out the existence of higher-order interferences experimentally a...

Trapped light orbits within an intriguing material

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

Hexagonal boron nitride bends electromagnetic energy in unusual and potentially useful ways. Physicists recently found that nanoscale granules of the material can store light. Now they have shown that the trapped light, polariton ra...

Physicist bends light waves on surfboards

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

A scientist is bringing together his passions for physics and surfing with research that could inspire a host of new technologies. He is using foam from inside surfboards to make materials that can manipulate light.

Nanostructured thin-films that can bend light by large angles could be a replacement for bulky glass optical components

Academics / General Science : Physorg: Nanotechnology

Surfaces that efficiently redirect the propagation of light have been developed by ASTAR researchers. Ramo?n Paniagua-Domínguez, working with colleagues from the ASTAR Data Storage Institute and Nanyang Technological University, has...


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