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Stone Tool Discovery Shows Culture Evolved Much Earlier

News : Truthdig

    An ancient depiction of a face. (Not one of the tools discovered in Kenya.) (Alaskan Dude / (CC BY 2.0)) The major discovery in Africa of stone tools dating around 3.3 million years old has forced scientists to push back the sta...

Very old, very sophisticated tools found in India. The question is: Who made them?

Health : The Checkup

A treasure trove of 385,000-year-old stone tools suggests that human's path to modernity wound through India.

Early Modern Humans Used Fire To Engineer Tools From Stone; Complex Cognition Older Than 72,000 Years?

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

New evidence has been found showing that early modern humans living on the southern coast of Africa 72,000 years ago employed pyrotechnology -- the controlled use of fire -- to increase the quality and efficiency of their stone tool...

New stone tool discovery suggests humans left Africa much earlier than we thought [Mad Archaeology]

Genres / Sci Fi : io9

Current genetic evidence says the ancestors of modern humans left Africa 60,000 years ago. But recently discovered stone tools in the Arabian peninsula and India suggest humans actually started exploring the world as much as 120,000...

Before Our Species Left Africa, Now-Extinct Humans Made These Fancy Tools In India

Technology / Gadgets : Gizmodo Australia

Archaeologists have discovered sophisticated stone tools in India dating back some 385,000 years. That's all sorts of incredible, because Homo sapiens such as you and me didn't leave Africa until about 175,000 years ago. The discove...


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