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RNC Files Latest Response in DNC v. RNC Voter Intimidation Case, with Hearing Set for 10 am Tomorrow

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

You can read the response here. The RNC says there’s not enough evidence they are violating the consent decree to justify any additional remedies or sanctions. A snippet on Ms. Holland, the person who sent the controversial text mes...

“RNC Advised Against ‘Ballot Security’ Efforts By Members With State Party Roles”

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

As I explained in this post, the RNC is arguing that RNC members who have that position by virtue of being state party chairs had the right to engage in activities prohibited by the RNC consent decree because these people were … Con...

Breaking: Court Ends Consent Decree Against RNC “Ballot Security” Activities, Raising New Risks of Voter Suppression

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

As I expected, a federal district court has ended a consent decree in place since 1981 against the Republican National Committee against so-called “ballot security” measures which seemed aimed at suppressing minority voter turnout. ...

After DNC Takes Sean Spicer Deposition About Violation of Consent Decree in RNC v. DNC Case, DNC Wants More Discovery and RNC Wants Court to Acknowledge Consent Decree Over

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

We can’t see or read the Spicer deposition, because it is under seal, but see these two post-deposition letters from the RNC.  In the second, the RNC writes: The RNC believes that a mere reading of the deposition transcript will … C...

Breaking: DNC Asks for RNC to Be Held in Contempt, Voter Intimidation Consent Decree Extended 8 More Years

Academics / Political Science : Election Law

Back in August, I blogged about how Donald Trump could be violating a longstanding consent decree against the RNC engaging in “ballot security” measures which have been found to intimidate minority voters. I explained how the consen...


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