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Why We Need to Talk a Lot More about Treason in Defense of Slavery

Every now and then, someone wonders in comments why I obsess about the Civil War and referring to it as Treason in Defense of Slavery, a term it should be noted that originated on the internet at LGM, thanks to a friend of the blog coming up with it. Anyway, this is the reason: American […]
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A Little Treason in Defense of Slavery for Your Sunday

Politics : Lawyers, Guns & Money

Just in case you get into any causes of the Civil War discussion during Sunday barbecue with the in-laws or something. Here’s E.S. Dargan’s speech at the Alabama secession convention: I feel impelled, Mr. President, to vote for this...

House Defends American Swastika

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Shorter House Republican Conference: “To the pinkos at the South Carolina statehouse, we say treason in defense of slavery today, treason in defense of slavery tomorrow, treason in defense of slavery forever!” Leave it to the GOP to...

I Love The Smell of Georgia Burning in the Morning

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Here’s something not to be thankful for in American history: treason in defense of slavery. Rebecca Onion has a review of what looks to be a very interesting new book on the sensory impact of the Civil War, exploring how the sights,...

Treason in Defense of Slavery in the Classroom

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Parade of Confederate veterans, Jacksonville, Florida, 1914 In the past, although not so much lately, I’ve received comments when writing about issues such as the Civil War that all of this discussion of the past really isn’t that i...

Crushing Treason in Defense of Slavery Day

Politics : Lawyers, Guns & Money

Brian Beutler with a proposal: This week provides an occasion for the U.S. government to get real about history, as April 9 is the 150th anniversary of the Union’s victory in the Civil War. The generous terms of Robert E. Lee’s surr...


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