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BBC Says Climate Change Is Already Killing Polar Bears. Maybe Not.

News : Reason

Some "science-affirmers" of man-made climate change argue that melting Arctic Ocean sea ice will doom polar bears. Why? Because the bears hunt seals on he ice. No ice, no seals to munch on. It is true that the extent of summer Arcti...

Polar bear evolution tracked climate change, new DNA study suggests

Academics / General Science : Science Codex

An analysis of newly sequenced polar bear genomes is providing important clues about the species' evolution, suggesting that climate change and genetic exchange with brown bears helped create the polar bear as we know it today. The ...

Polar Bears Can't Rely On Land-Based Foods When The Ice Melts, Study Finds

News : Huffington Post

Polar bears need sea ice in order to hunt for seals and other food in the ocean. But climate change is taking that away from them. The bears are spending more and more time on land, but there is not enough food there to truly sustai...

The longest swim: How climate change is killing baby polar bears

News : Newsweek: World

The future of polar bears, the preeminent "poster animal" for climate change, looks increasingly grim as their Arctic habitat changes. Particularly disturbing: Researchers are reporting that polar bear cubs, ill-equipped to tackle t...

Polar Bears Weakened by Pollution as Well as Warmth

News : Truthdig

By Tim Radford, Climate News Network Climate change causing habitat loss and reduced food is the main problem for polar bears, but plastic waste and other pollutants are growing risks.


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