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Friday Cat Blogging – 2 February 2018

Forget the Nunes memo. What you are all really wondering about is what happened when Hilbert found Hopper occupying his pod. Prepare to be shocked! Here’s how it played out. Hilbert jumped up on my desk. He did a cat version of a double take. Then he started licking Hopper. This is usually the prelude […]
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Friday Cat Blogging - 7 April 2017

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After years of ignoring the pod, Hopper has suddenly taken to it. Sometimes by herself, other times squeezing in beside Hilbert. At the same time, my lap has become a no-go zone. But our bed, which she used to cede to Hilbert at nig...

Friday Cat Blogging – 9 May 2017

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The pod next to my computer is normally Hilbert’s territory. Once in a while, though, Hopper curls up in it for a nice nap. When Hilbert gets wind of this, his jealous bone asserts itself and he hops up and starts pushing and nudgin...

Friday Cat Blogging - 17 June 2016

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Hilbert and Hopper get along fine, but they don't cuddle up together much anymore. Yesterday they did, however, when Hilbert decided to barge into the pod that Hopper had already staked out. Usually she gives up pretty quickly when ...

Friday Cat Blogging - 27 February 2015

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My biopsy is scheduled for this morning, so once again you get early cat blogging. Hopper got center stage last week, so this week it's Hilbert's turn. Speaking of Hopper, though, a few days ago she demonstrated the wonders of the i...

Friday Cat Blogging - 3 March 2017

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Just as I thought that Hilbert and Hopper had given up on sleeping with each other, suddenly they've decided to occupy the pod together. This mostly happens when Hopper gets in the pod and then Hilbert asserts his ownership rights 1...


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