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The Secret MGTOW Weapon: Women!

US Politics / Conservative :

Because men are compassionate, future-oriented, smart and rational, MGTOWs like me try to spread the word to our fellow men. Because women are selfish, live in the moment, and are irrational idiots, they act solely in their own base...

OPEN THREAD: Thread away!

US Politics / Conservative : Instapundit

OPEN THREAD: Thread away!

Late Night: Watercooler – with Exoplanets & PUAs

US Politics / Liberal : Firedoglake

Pick Up Artists, or PUA’s, are rather unfortunate men who are convinced — against all reason — that there’s a magic script to getting women to have sex with you, and charge still-more desperate men high sums of money to teach them t...

PUA’s: Not Endangered Cats

Politics : Lawyers, Guns & Money

When I first started reading feminist blogs a few years back, I had to bone up on my acronyms. MGTOW meant Men Going Their Own Way, not Men Grabbing Their Own Wangs. MRA meant Men’s Rights Activist not Mega Raging Assholes. And PUA ...

The Week In Garbage Men: MGTOWs Are Jealous Of Harvey Weinstein

US Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Ban Men. Also this is your OPEN THREAD!


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