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Two new inflated 'hot Jupiters' discovered by astronomers

Astronomers have detected "hot Jupiter" exoplanets transiting two distant stars. The newly found alien worlds, designated EPIC 229426032 b and EPIC 246067459 b, appear to be larger than it should be according to theoretical models. The finding is reported January 24 in a paper published on
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Astronomers have detected two new so-called "warm Jupiter" exoplanets orbiting stars located more than 1,300 light years away from the Earth. The newly found alien worlds are similar in size to Jupiter but much hotter than our solar...

New grazing transiting 'hot Jupiter' detected by the Qatar Exoplanet Survey

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(—An international group of astronomers has found a new grazing transiting "hot Jupiter" alien world as part of the Qatar Exoplanet Survey (QES). The newly discovered extrasolar planet, designated Qatar-6b, is about the siz...

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An international team of astronomers has found a "hot Jupiter" exoplanet circling a rapidly rotating, metal-poor star. The newly discovered alien world, designated KELT-21b, is larger than Jupiter and orbits its host in less than fo...

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(—Astronomers have detected a so-called "hot Jupiter" exoplanet transiting a distant sun-like star located some 1,800 light years from the Earth. The newly discovered planet, designated EPIC 220504338b, was found using NASA...


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