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Physicists Twist Light and Slow it Down

Society & Culture / Paranormal : Mysterious Universe

While attempts to travel at or faster than the speed of light are the glamorous experiments that get all of the attention as well as generate the most fears of breaking natural laws, slowing down the speed of light is just as exciti...

Slow Motion Video from High Speed Photography

Academics / General Science : MAKE: Science

Normally, ultra slow motion video requires very expensive cameras and lots of light. Using an unconventional method reminiscent of Eadweard Muybridge’s Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, Destin from Smarter Every Day caught slow motion vid...

Safeguarding data in future quantum computing: Physicists detect and control quantum states in diamond with light

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

Physicists have succeeded in combining laser light with trapped electrons to detect and control the electrons' fragile quantum state without erasing it. This is an important step toward using quantum physics to expand computing powe...

Experimental quest to test Einstein's speed limit

Academics / General Science : ScienceDaily: Science Society

Special relativity states that the speed of light is the same in all frames of reference and that nothing can exceed that limit. UC Berkeley physicists used a novel experimental system -- the unusual electron orbitals of dysprosium ...

Observing electrons surfing waves of light on graphene

Academics / General Science : Physorg: Nanotechnology

Researchers have studied how light can be used to observe the quantum nature of an electronic material. They captured light in graphene and slowed it down to the speed of the material's electrons. Then electrons and light started to...


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