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Odd gluon compounds may be lurking in the protons

Protons are known to contain quarks and gluons. But are gluons behaving as expected?
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When matter melts

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In its infancy, when the universe was a few millionths of a second old, the elemental constituents of matter moved freely in a hot, dense soup of quarks and gluons. As the universe expanded, this quark–gluon plasma quickly cooled, a...

"When the Visible Universe was Less than One Microsecond Old" --Researchers Simulate Birth of the Cosmos

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When the universe was less than one microsecond old and more than one trillion degrees, it transformed from a plasma of quarks and gluons into bound states of quarks - also known as protons and neutrons, the fundamental building blo...

Viewpoint: Of Gluons and Fireflies

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Author(s): Tobias Toll Improved models of gluon fluctuations within protons have been developed and applied to particle collision data, pointing to strong gluon fluctuations at high energies. [Physics 9, 82] Published Mon Jul 25, 20...

Model identifies a high degree of fluctuations in gluons as essential to explaining proton structure

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Gluons, the glue-like particles that ordinarily bind subatomic quarks within the protons and neutrons that make up atomic nuclei, appear to play an important role in establishing key properties of matter. But right now, no one can s...

Viewpoint: Spinning Gluons in the Proton

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Author(s): Steven D. Bass Computer simulations indicate that about 50% of the proton’s spin comes from the spin of the gluons that bind its quark constituents. [Physics 10, 23] Published Mon Mar 06, 2017


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