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The Neural Basis of Watching "Memento"

Memento (2000) is a complex psychological thriller about a man unable to form long-term memories. The movie is popular among neuroscientists for its accurate depiction of amnesia. Now, in a wonderfully "meta" paper, a group of neuroscientists report that they scanned the brains of people watching Memento in order to study memory processes. The paper's called Brain mechanisms underlying cue
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Caltech neuroscientists have looked inside brain cells as they undergo the intense bursts of neural activity known as "ripples" that are thought to underlie memory formation. During ripples, a small fraction of brain cells, or neuro...

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Neuroscientists from the University of Chicago argue that research on how memories form in the brain should consider activity of groups of brain cells working together, not just the connections between them

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(Aalto University) In an Aalto University film study combining art and neuroscience, viewers were shown Christopher Nolan's early classic Memento (2000). The protagonist suffers from long-term memory loss and is unable to retain new...


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