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Ants care for wounded comrades by licking their wounds clean

If a Matabele ant loses a limb in a battle with termites, its nestmates will tend its injuries - a behaviour never before seen in any non-human animal
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These Warlike Ants Rescue Wounded Comrades And Even Provide Medical Care

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Sub-Saharan Matabele ants are ruthless killers, raiding termite mounds two to four times each day. But every once in a while, an ant gets hurt and is hauled back home to recuperate - an astonishing insectoid behaviour unto itself. N...

Ants Show Organized Healthcare and Treat Wounded Comrades

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Matabele ants treat wounded nest-mates by assessing the damage and then licking their injuries. This is the first observation of nonhuman animals routinely caring for others.

Following Battles, Ant Medics Treat Their Wounded Comrades

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Ants that hunt termites can risk getting grievously injured in battle, but that doesn't mean its the end of the line. In a newly published study, scientists observed ant medics caring for their wounded comrades, which may be the fir...

Medical care for wounded ants

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The African Matabele ants (Megaponera analis) tend to the wounds of their injured comrades. And they do so rather successfully: Without such attendance, 80 percent of the injured ants die; after receiving "medical" treatment, only 1...

Watch ants rescue their wounded comrades – video

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Researchers have observed African Matabele ants treating their wounded comrades. The ants, frequently injured by termites, appear to apply an antibiotic saliva to the wounds of their injured. Nursing in nature: Matabele ants observe...


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