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Open Thread - Fox News Has A Purpose?

US Politics / Liberal : Crooks and Liars

A very serious question from the First Church of Polydeism. h/t Washington Monthly Open thread below.

Open Thread - Hannity In The New Batman Movie?

US Politics / Liberal : Crooks and Liars

He looks like the Penguin on Batman smoking his e-cig. Give the man a monocle and top hat. — AF Veteran (@Proud_Vet_AF) September 26, 2017 PS. Sean Hannity makes $2.4 million per month to lie on Fox. Open thread below...

Fox Kicks Off Black History Month By Bashing Black Voters As 'Slaves' To The 'Democrat' Party

US Politics / Liberal : Crooks and Liars

Fox "news" continued its long history of bringing on black commentators to lob insults at African American Democratic voters to kick off black history month this Monday. Fox regular and editor of the blog, Conservative Black Chick, ...

Open Thread

US Politics / Liberal : Crooks and Liars

So someone actually asked SmoothieFreak "How Do Black People Feel About Spring?" Thank goodness she is the spokesperson for all black people everywhere 18 months running. Ahem. Warning: she says a swear. Open thread below.

Open Thread: The Broccoli Tree, Instagram Celebrity

US Politics / Liberal : Crooks and Liars

This meditation by "The Fault in our Stars" author John Green, "The Broccoli Tree," is definitely worth the just under four minutes it takes to watch it. You might just watch it again. I warned you. Open thread below...


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