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Rudy Giuliani withdraws name for consideration in Trump administration, president-elect says

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani withdrew his name last week from consideration to be selected as secretary of state or any other role in the incoming White House, President-elect Donald Trump said Friday. "Rudy Giuliani is an extraordinarily talented and patriotic American,” Trump said. Show More Summary

The Fake News about Andy Puzder and the Minimum Wage

President-elect Trump has picked Andy Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants (i.e. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s) for labor secretary. Amusingly, the media coverage of his nomination has been dominated by . . . fake news. Several outlets have reported that Puzder opposes increasing the minimum wage. Show More Summary

Tillerson Seen As Top Pick for Secretary of State

ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson has emerged as the top candidate for secretary of state, the Washington Post reports. “Tillerson and former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney were two of the finalists… Both Tillerson and Romney are business [...]

Obama Orders “Full Review” of Supposed Russian Election Hacking

A top White House official announced this morning that President Obama has ordered a “full review” of claims of election-related hacking, and wants a report before he leaves office Jan. 20. Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for...Show More Summary

Clinton Spent $1.2 Billion On Losing Campaign

Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, the New York Post reports.

Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Convicted of Inciting Discrimination

Geert Wilders, the leader of Dutch political party The Party for Freedom, has been found guilty of hate speech by a three-judge panel. The ruling...


THEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED FOR TRUMP PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS WOULD TRY TO CENSOR JOURNALISTS:  Mika Brzezinski says Clinton camp tried to pull her off the air.  … And they were right.

Branstad as Ambassador to China: More Interesting Than It Looks

(John Hinderaker) In the stream of excellent appointments coming from Trump Tower, Donald’s naming of Iowa governor Terry Branstad as Ambassador to China hasn’t gotten a lot of notice, apart from the obvious point that farmers are the biggest free traders. Show More Summary

THANK YOU Jill Stein! Her Efforts For ‘RE-COUNT’ Just Got NEW Strict VOTER ID Bill Passed!

For years now American conservatives and republicans have been concerned about the quantity of voter fraud. The fear that poor laws regulating who can and who cannot vote have been

THEIR IDEAS ARE OLD, TIRED AND DISPROVED: After Its Ascendency Was Proclaimed, the Political Left I…

THEIR IDEAS ARE OLD, TIRED AND DISPROVED: After Its Ascendency Was Proclaimed, the Political Left Is Collapsing.

Pruitt to Dismantle EPA Climate Agenda

Pruitt is the right man to expose climate fraud and end the job- and freedom-killing actions of the EPA.

THIS PARTICULAR DUMB IS EVERYWHERE:  Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen on the Internet Today….

THIS PARTICULAR DUMB IS EVERYWHERE:  Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen on the Internet Today.

Rudy Giuliani withdraws from consideration for secretary of state

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, one of President-elect Donald Trump’s most vocal and visible supporters, will not be nominated for secretary of state. The Trump transition team announced … Click to Continue »

Bill Signed By Obama Comes Back To BITE Democrats – Gives Trump Authority To Build WALL!

It would seem that Donald Trump may be pulling an Obama and skipping out on getting a bill through Congress to fulfill his promise to build that ‘big, beautiful wall’

Did The Department Of Homeland Security Attempt To Hack The State Of Georgia?

There was a major attempt to hack into the Georgia secretary of state’s network on November 15th. An investigation by Georgia officials have...

It’s Not All About Clinton — The Midwest Was Getting Redder Before 2016

Here’s one of the biggest questions Democrats face in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss: Did Clinton have an Electoral College problem or does the Democratic Party have an Electoral College problem? After all the votes are counted, Clinton is going to win the national popular vote by more than 2 percentage points, but her […]

The Latest: 2 Michigan court members won't consider recount

Two Michigan Supreme Court members who made President-elect Donald Trump's list of possible U.S. Supreme Court nominees have removed themselves from consideration of an appeal by Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein to restart...Show More Summary

Kellyanne Conway defends Trump's 'Apprentice' role: 'Presidents have a right to do things in their spare time'

President-elect Donald Trump will reportedly keep his job as an executive producer on "Celebrity Apprentice," a move a top adviser defended Friday morning. Kellyanne Conway didn't confirm whether Trump would indeed stay in the role,Show More Summary

Biden to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau: ‘We need you very, very badly'

Vice President Joe Biden said that "genuine leaders" are in short supply and the world needs Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "very, very badly," at a dinner hosted by Trudeau in Ottawa on Thursday night, reports The Globe and Mail. "The world's going to spend a lot of time looking to you, Mr. Show More Summary

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