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The Bob & Chez Show: Generalissimo Trump Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Generalissimo Trump: We Recap the RNC Days Two and Three; Ted Cruz Booed for Refusing to Endorse Trump; Eric and...Show More Summary

Seven Conversations About Preventing Gun Deaths

When editor Simone Landon first described FiveThirtyEight’s ambitious reporting project on gun deaths to me, she mentioned that there were seven main articles tackling seven types of gun deaths in America. As these things tend to go, that’s not exactly how the project ended up being structured, but we did have seven main writers who […]

From Inside RNC, White Nationalist Radio Broadcasts Call For Execution of Clinton

That Trump Veterans Advisor and New Hampshire state representative Al Baldasaro would today issue a second call (see 22:22 in broadcast) for the execution of presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is hardly...Show More Summary

Maclean’s on the Hill: Welcome to our first summer episode

The Maclean's Ottawa bureau's weekly audio debriefing on all things #cdnpoli The post Maclean’s on the Hill: Welcome to our first summer episode appeared first on

Late Night RNC Podcast: Donald Trump’s Law And Order

We’ve reported from Cleveland all week and have live-blogged each night. Check out all our dispatches from the GOP convention here. CLEVELAND — At the end of a long final night, and a long Republican National Convention, Nate Silver, Clare Malone, Harry Enten and I sat down for a quick podcast to reflect on Donald […]

Chuck Todd on the Ted Wedding Last Night

The Audio: 07-21hhs-todd The transcript: HH: On a day that is going to be extraordinary in American political history, I can think of no one better to start it with than Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet the Press. Chuck, your name wasShow More Summary

KFI's Gary and Shannon Think the Defense Budget was Slashed by 87.5%

People display astonishing ignorance when trying to comprehend our bloated military budget -- or anything having to do with numbers at all, really.A recent example of innumeracy was displayed by KFI-AM's Gary Hoffman and Shannon Farren,...Show More Summary

Emergency Podcast! The RNC Boos Ted Cruz

We’ll be reporting from Cleveland all week and live-blogging each night. Check out all our dispatches from the GOP convention here. CLEVELAND — At the end of a raucous third night of the Republican National Convention, Clare Malone, Harry Enten and I found a quiet-ish corner of the Quicken Loans Arena to record a quick […]

Florida Governor Rick Scott Reacting to Ted Cruz’ Speech: We Need to Unify

The audio: 07-21hhs-scott The transcript: HH: Joined by Governor Rick Scott of Florida. Governor Scott, you’re up early at Radio Row, good to have you. RS: Yeah. HH: Good to have you, thank you for being here. RS: Good. Mike Pence did a good job last night. Show More Summary

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker On Day One of the RNC Convention and Previewing His Speech Tonight

The audio: 07-19hhs-walker The transcript: HH: Talking now with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, whose team, Milwaukee Bucks, sadly not in contention to ever beat the Cavaliers, but nevertheless in the great city by the Lake. Governor Walker, I saw you on TV last night. Show More Summary

Weekly Address: Coming Together to Find Solutions

In this week's address, President Obama acknowledged that the aftermath of tragedies like we've seen in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Minnesota, can leave us struggling to make sense of these events. However, the President reiterated that the country is not as divided as it may seem. Show More Summary

Maclean’s on the Hill: Tom Mulcair on the attack on Nice

The Maclean's Ottawa bureau gives you a weekly audio briefing on all things #cdnpoli The post Maclean’s on the Hill: Tom Mulcair on the attack on Nice appeared first on

John Fisher Burns On The Attack In Nice, The New British Government, And The Ongoing War With Radical Islam

The world’s greatest living foreign correspondent, John Fisher Burns, now retired from the New York Times, joined me this morning: Audio: 07-15hhs-burns Transcript: HH: Joined now by the world’s greatest living foreign correspondent, John Fisher Burns, now retired from the New York Times, where he is a Pulitzer Prize winner twice. Show More Summary

Sidewire’s Jon Allen on Newt Gingrich’s Statement To Sean Hannity Re; “The Sharia Test”

Newt Gingrich made a sweeping demand for a “sharia test” last night in talking with Sean Hannity.  I discussed it with Sidewire’s Jon Allen this morning: Audio: 07-15hhs-allen Transcript: NG: Let me start with where I’m coming from, and let me be as blunt and as direct as I can be. Show More Summary

Seth Leibsohn and Me, on Black Lives Matter

(John Hinderaker) Seth Leibsohn is a friend of ours who once produced Bill Bennett’s radio show and now has his own top-notch show in Phoenix. I have been on Seth’s show a number of times, as have other members of the PL crew. Yesterday...Show More Summary

AUDIO: Leon Wolf Talks Dallas Shootings on Milwaukee Radio

On Monday, editor-in-chief Leon Wolf joined Michelle Litjens and I on AM620 WTMJ to talk about his thought-provoking essay on the cultural causes and pressures that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement and led to the violent clash in Dallas late last week. Show More Summary

Weekly Address: Standing Together to Stop the Violence

In this week's address, Vice President Joe Biden commemorated the lives of the five police officers who were killed and the seven people who were wounded in Dallas. The police officers were providing safety to those who were peacefully...Show More Summary

Hugh Endorses Democrat Loretta Sanchez For United States Senator From California

The audio: 07-07hhs-sanchez The transcript HH: This is a first ever in my 16 years of a nationally-syndicated radio show. I’ve never done this before. I have a Democrat on whom I’m endorsing for office in a general election campaign....Show More Summary

House Intel and Benghazi Committee Member Mike Pompeo On Hillary’s Probable Perjury to the Benghazi Committee Under the False Statements Act

The audio: 07-07hhs-pompeo The transcript: HH: I’m joined now by Congressman Mike Pompeo from Kansas’ 4th Congressional District, a member of the House Intelligence Committee. First of all, Congressman Pompeo, your reaction to Director Comey’s revelations yesterday? MP: Well, good morning, Hugh. Show More Summary

Trump’s Racist Tweet Problem

FBI Director James Comey spent most of his news conference Tuesday sharply criticizing Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, but he also said the FBI was advising the Justice Department not to press charges. The podcast crew breaks down how the announcement, after over a year of […]

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