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Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady On The Tax Reform Ahead

Texas Republicans and Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady was my guest this morning to talk about the first 100 days and tax reform and my Wall Street Journal op-ed on what not to do” (and The Fourth Way): Audio: 01-11hhs-brady Taxes:

The Bob & Chez Show: Mystery Meat Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Mystery Meat: The Trump Crisis Day 73; Jeff Sessions will likely be confirmed; Obama’s farewell address tonight; Mark Hamill reads Trump tweets as The Joker; Trump’s rant against Meryl Streep; Bernie again; Chuck C. Show More Summary

Senator John Thune on Confirmations, Nominations, Replace and Repeal, tax Reform

South Dakota Senator John Thune joined me today to discuss all of the above: Audio: 01-10hhs-thune Transcript:

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson On Confirmations Hearings for General Kelly and Rex Tillerson, “Repeal and Replace” and “Tax Reform”

United States Senator Ron Johnson joined me today: Audio: 01-10hhs-johnson Transcript: HH: I’m joined by United States Senator Ron Johnson of the great state of Wisconsin, frequent guest on this show. Congratulations, Senator Johnson, on your reelection. Show More Summary

Corporatists, Conservatives, Cronies, and Cranks

To listen to this episode of Trumpcast, use the player below: Subscribe in iTunes ? RSS feed ? Download ? Play in another tab Slate Plus members: Get your ad-free podcast feed. Slate’s chief political correspondent Jamelle Bouie talks...Show More Summary

A Conversation on Gender Equality and Disability Rights with Silvia Quan

As one of the most tenacious leaders in her generation of disability rights advocates, Silvia Quan has faced down the forces of discrimination and fought for expanding the rights of all persons with disabilities, in her native Guate...

CONNECTICUT DEMOCRAT SEN. CHRIS MURPHY ON HUGH HEWITT: Yeah, the Reid Rule precedent applies to Tru…

CONNECTICUT DEMOCRAT SEN. CHRIS MURPHY ON HUGH HEWITT: Yeah, the Reid Rule precedent applies to Trump’s appointments too. “The precedent, yeah, I mean, I think the precedent of changing the rules in the middle of the Congress, right, was, you know, was the basis on changing the number of 60 to 50 for presidential appointees. […]

Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy

Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat from Connecticut, joined me today.  He is one of the hopes for rebuilding the Democratic Party, and like Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, willing to come on to a conservative show and talk about the debates of...Show More Summary

Maclean’s on the Hill: Jane Philpott on her 2017 priorities

This week's politics podcast includes conversations with the Health minister, as well as Ottawa's mayor and the Dominion Carilloneur The post Maclean’s on the Hill: Jane Philpott on her 2017 priorities appeared first on

Weekly Address: President Obama’s Farewell Address to the Nation

In this week’s address, President Obama discussed his upcoming farewell address to the nation. In 1796, as George Washington set the precedent for a peaceful, democratic transfer of power, he also set a precedent by penning a farewell address to the American people. Show More Summary

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan On Infrastructure Spending, The Fence, And His Plans For Running (Maybe) For Governor In Ohio

Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan is a friend and a regular guest.  Today we talked about the infrastructure spending that President-elect Trump promised, “the Fence” that is going to get built, and his future in Ohio politics (while plugging...Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show: Tiny Hands Off My Obamacare Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Tiny Hands Off My Obamacare: We’re back from vacation and illnesses; The Trump Crisis Day 68; Republican callsShow More Summary

Senator Ted Cruz On The New Era In Washington

Texas Senator Ted Cruz joined me this morning to talk defunding the U.N., repealing Obamacare, the Russians and Assange: Audio: 01-05hhs-cruz Transcript: HH: Joined now by United States Senator Ted Cruz of the great state of Texas. Happy...Show More Summary

Speaker Paul Ryan On The “100 Days” Ahead

Newly re-elected Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan joined me this morning: The Audio: 01-04hhs-ryan The transcript: HH: Speaker Ryan, welcome, congratulations on your reelection as Speaker, great to have you. PR: Hey, how are you doing, Hugh? Sorry, I was just working on getting through the phone line here. HH: Oh, that’s okay. Show More Summary

Think Progress Editor-in-Chief Judd Legum Joins Me For First Lefty Interview Of 2017

Think Progress is one of the online hubs of the left.  Its founder and editor Judd Legum joined me this morning: Audio: 01-03hhs-legum Transcript:

Weekly Address: Working Together to Keep America Moving Forward

In this week’s address, President Obama reflected on the significant progress we’ve made since he took office in 2009. Over the past eight years, we’ve turned the recession into recovery; 20 million more Americans have health insurance;...Show More Summary

Sean Spicer On The New Administration And The Press

Sean Spicer joined me this morning.  The incoming White House Director of Communications and Press Secretary and I covered a lot of ground on the new president’s plans for communicating his priorities and plans: Audio: 12-29hhs-spicer Transcript: HH:...Show More Summary

Joe DiGenova On Whether President Obama Will Pardon Hillary Clinton

Former United States Attorney and Independent Counsel Joe DiGenova joined me this morning.  Give a listen: The Audio: 12-29hhs-DiGenova

Michael Oren explains

(Scott Johnson) Michael Oren is the former Israeli ambassador to the United States during the first term of the Obama administration. We interviewed Oren about the memoir of his tenure as ambassador Ally: My Journey Across the American Israeli Divide in the Power Line podcast posted here. Show More Summary

The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush On The Kerry Speech

The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush joined me Wednesday morning to discuss the John Kerry speech and President Obama’s claim of “I would have beat Donald Trump”: Audio: 12-28hhs-thrush Transcript: HH: Sure, now he shows up. The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush a late show. Show More Summary

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