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The Power Line Show, Episode 21: Supreme Folly, With Dana Perino

(John Hinderaker) This afternoon John, Steve and Paul got together to record Episode 21 of the Power Line show. We talked with Dana Perino about her new book, And the Good News Is…: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side, her experience as press secretary for President George W. Show More Summary

Jeb Bush On SCOTUS Decisions, Justices, And His Future Appointees If He Gets To Make Them

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush joined me today: Audio: 06-26hhs-bush Transcript: HH: I’m pleased to begin the show with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Governor Bush, welcome back to the program, great to have you. JB: Thank you, Hugh, sorry I can’t be with you out there. HH: Well, let’s begin with the two big decisions – King V. Show More Summary

SCOTUS: Same Sex Marriage Legal in All 50 States

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Chad Flores to discuss the Supreme Court's monumental decision today on same sex marriage, why Scalia's scathing dissent will be studied for years to come, and what today's ruling means for religious organizations who do not support gay marriage. Show More Summary

Overnight Podcast: The Bob & Chez Show, 6/25/15, Minus Chez, Plus Me The latest edition of the Bob & Chez Show features yours truly as co-host, because Chez is having a lost weekend in Vegas and there was Chuck C. Johnson news to relate. Also in this podcast: the story of how I, a guitar-playing kid from Hawaii, ended up in the A&M...

Listen: Bob Ney on Obamacare, Boehner, Iran and IRS emails

Former congressman and current Talk Radio News Service correspondent Bob Ney talks with Gary Baumgarten for the Paltalk News Network about Obamacare dodging a bullet at the Supreme Court, John Boehner pushing back on conservative Republicans, the pending Iranian nuke deal and missing backup tapes to missing IRS emails. Photo by Will O’Neill.

SCOTUS Saves ObamaCare… Again

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Chad Flores to discuss today's monumental ObamaCare ruling from SCOTUS, Scalia's stinging dissent and why this illustrates the only way to bring down ObamaCare is through Congress and a Republican president. The post SCOTUS Saves ObamaCare… Again appeared first on RedState.

Carly Fiorina On The OPM Hack And Team Obama Incompetence: “All Our Wounds Are Self-Inflicted”

Carly Fiorina joined me on todays show to discuss the OPM hack and the rising threat of jihadist terrorism reaching the U.S.: Audio: 06-24hhs-fiorina Transcript: HH: She joins me now. She of course is running for president, Show More Summary

Rep. Mike Pompeo, House Intel Comm, On The OPM Hack And IS Threat

Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo, West Point and Harvard Law grad and a member of both the House Intel and Select Committee on Benghazi, joined me today to discuss the OPM breach and the terrorist threat level: Audio: 06-24hhs-pompeo Transcript: HH: I’m joined now by Congressman Mike Pompeo. Show More Summary

Talking Trade With Bill Bennett

(John Hinderaker) This morning I was on Bill Bennett’s radio show, talking about the trade promotion authority bill that squeaked through the Senate yesterday. Our starting point was this post, in which I urged Republican senators to vote against cloture on the bill. Show More Summary

How to fit in and stand out in Quebec

By criticizing cuts to culture and 'centralization,' Justin Trudeau is trying to win over Quebec. It's a trickier proposition than it used to be. The post How to fit in and stand out in Quebec appeared first on

Former Pentagon Official Discusses the Chinese Hack of OPM

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by David Patterson to discuss the OPM hack, information the Chinese might have stolen and what the administration's response has been. The post Former Pentagon Official Discusses the Chinese Hack of OPM appeared first on RedState.

Taking Down the Confederate Flag Won’t Eliminate Racism

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Mollie Hemingway to discuss the terrible church shooting in Charleston, the media's immediate response to tear down Confederate symbols and the amazing faith and forgiveness of the victims' families. The post Taking Down the Confederate Flag Won’t Eliminate Racism appeared first on RedState.

GOP Senate Whip John Cornyn On President Obama’s Comments On Race And Use Of The “N” Word

Texas Senator John Cornyn joined me on today’s show, and we discussed President Obama’s recent statements on race as well as his use of the “n” word: Audio: 06-22hhs-cornyn Transcript: HH: Joined now by the GOP Senate Whip, number two of the Republicans in the United States Senate, Senator John Cornyn. Show More Summary

Donald Trump On Race, Guns, President Obama And The Need For American “Cheerleading”

Donald Trump joined me today: Audio: 06-22hhs-trump Transcript HH: I am joined now by Donald Trump, candidate for the presidency of the United States. Donald Trump, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show. DT: Well, thank you, Hugh, it’s great to be with you, really great. HH: Now I’ve got, I would be remiss. Show More Summary

Would Greek Exit Doom the Euro?

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss D-day for Greece, what their exit from the Euro Zone would mean for the EU, and how Russia's involvement could complicate the situation. The post Would Greek Exit Doom the Euro? appeared first on RedState.

Podcast: The Dominican Republic’s Plans to Racially Cleanse the Country of Black Haitians

The Dominican Republic is set to purge its country of hundreds of thousands of black Haitian migrants or black Dominicans of Haitian descent. The government has stripped anyone born in Haiti after 1929 of their citizenship and rendered this entire population stateless. Numerous Haitians have fled or are hiding as they wait to see what...

Overnight Podcast: The Bob and Chez Show, 6/18/15

Image via Shutterstock We get serious about gun violence and the massacre in Charleston; Why we'll never pass new gun legislation; Fox and Friends are evil monkeys; Alex Jones says this is the beginning of a race war; Lindsey Graham and Steve Doocy say this is a war on Christians;...

The Power Line Show, Episode 20: Featuring Michael Oren

(John Hinderaker) Yesterday Scott, Steve and Paul caught up with Israel’s former ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, for an interview. Ambassador Oren’s new book is Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide. Oren’s...Show More Summary

Weekly Address: Creating New Pathways of Opportunity for Americans Like You

President Barack Obama tapes the Weekly Address in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House. June 12, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy) In this week's address, the President spoke to his priority of growing the economy and opening new avenues of opportunity for hardworking Americans. Show More Summary

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